Mission & Vision

Mission statement

“Humanity matters – that´s why we care.”

Everyone will be a patient at some point. Who will be there for you when it happens?

Our mission is to ensure that the healthcare sector will at all times have sufficient and qualified expert staffing resources at hand to fulfill their societal responsibilities of delivering high quality service to a growing population with medical needs.

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We need to ensure the future needs of a growing world population with much more diverse medical needs will be met. The market for nurses and health professionals is in high demand, and cannot be filled locally alone. There is a growing need to fill vacant positions with highly skilled professionals on a global scale. We ensure that the health professionals serving abroad are in possession of the required medical and communications skills to experience a smooth transition into the global health industry to make a lasting impact.

We have therefore made it our goal to provide diligent recruiting services as well as immersive language and cultural training for health professionals from all over the world to empower them to succeed in their employment abroad, and to help employers find highly motivated and capable staff who will help them make a difference in their business and stand out from the rest.

The Hesperus Vision

We are your navigation light.

We want to disrupt the traditional way of recruiting medical experts – we want to be the missing link between employers, medical staff and the language barrier. Our vision is to bridge the existing gap by deploying modern technology, inspiration and the deep-rooted desire to make a positive and lasting impact in the highly demanding world of medical care services.

Our Core Values

Professional skills, dignity and humanistic principles

All our activities are based on these three strong pillars. We give our best, day after day, to bring together commitment and excellence to serve the people who need it most.

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Providing healthcare services to people comes with great responsibility. This responsibility encompasses the duty to ensure that the staff we provide is highly trained, dedicated to the fulfillment of their professional role, and to fully help all parties involved understand that providing these services is more than just a job: it´s a passion, it´s highly demanding on a professional and emotional level and it is one of the most important professions in the world. You deserve the best support you can get your hands on – and we would love to be part of your success.